SEO For 2015 And Beyond

What is New for SEO in 2015 and Beyond

Search engine optimization has dramatically changed over the past several years. There was a time when the practice of search engine optimization or SEO, was wide open. Once a loophole was found it could be exploited with abandon. But, things have changed as search engines have done their best to clean up their results.

More emphasis has been placed on criteria other than spamming links across the Web.

One example of an emphasis is on the criteria of page load time. It is estimated that people expect a page to load in about 2 seconds when they arrive onsite. If they have to wait much longer, statistics show that they abandon the page. Google and search engines can monitor this abandon rate and will penalize sites that have a lot of people abandoning the site.

The logic behind this is if people are leaving a site shortly after they arrive then the site is not relevant to what they were searching for. And, if the search engines are serving up content that is not relevant then the searcher will become frustrated.

Another criteria that goes hand in hand with that is a new emphasis on content. Content has always been important to SEO, but for a different reason. Before, people were encouraged to write relevant content to direct the search engine spider to the theme of the page. That is still important. But, more emphasis needs to be placed on the reader sticking around and reading the content.

It goes without saying that the content needs to engage the reader and keep them around. Again, if the content is not worthwhile, they will abandon the site. Again, Google can detect this abandonment and will penalize the site that is getting a lot of abandonment.

You can still tweak content to show the search engines what your site is about. And, things like H1 tags, meta tags, alt tags, etc are still very important. They should not be ignored. However, you need to make sure you write the content in the same way as you would a paper in school. It needs to be good, mistake-free compelling. and c

SEO is constantly evolving as the search engines are evolving to fit the needs of their customers. SEO is not going away anytime soon. But, people who practice it need to evolve with the times.