Using WordPress To Design Websites That Rank

How WordPress Can Help Improve Your Website Ranking

WordPress comes ready and is easily embraced by the search engine. It has features and functions that guides search engines through pages , posts and categories. This helps the search engine to easily crawl on the site and pick the information it requires to include in its database.

WordPress has built in optimization tools, it has the ability to use ht access to create a static URLs referred to as permalinks, pinging and blog rolling. Also, it has third party hacks and plug-ins that can suitably be used for search engine optimization.

WordPress makes it easier to validate your site code. This is important because if there are errors in your code, it may prevent the search engine from seeing your site. Remember the search engine must see the words and the content that explains, educates and informs. This way, the search engine will be able to scan the content evaluate it and categorize it so as to help you get good ranking.

Making use of words and phrases that are commonly searched on the internet increases the chances of getting a good score. When the search engine enters your site, it plows through the content on the site. Fortunately, WordPress has themes designed with the content that is as close to the top of unstyled page as possible. It keeps the sidebars and footers towards the bottom . There are very few search engines that scans more than the first third of any page before it moves on. Thus, the theme you choose must put the content near the top to make it easier for the search engine to see it.

Search engines will only evaluate your site by evaluating the words used and putting them through a sifter it scores certain words or a combination of words highly compared to others. It picks words found within your documents and compares them with those found within your titles and links.

Preparing and maintaining your site for the search engine crawlers and robots may be appropriate. You need to use WordPress Custom field options to include keywords and description of posts and pages. Similarly, make use of the available WordPress plug-in to add meta , tags, and keywords description to your site. Remember the search engines read files at your This helps them to see what they should check and what they shouldn’t. You no longer have to add entries to robots.txt for SEO purposes. Just make use of page level non- index tags and you will increase your scores in web design.